I’m Wilame. And in the case you haven't noticed...

I use a lot of GIFs

However, I am mostly known for being a

Data Scientist / Dev / Marketer

Yes, it’s confuse, I know. I have done a lot of things in my life. I started as a communicator, then I migrated to the Marketing field, where I got the web fever. And who says web, says data, n’est-ce pas ? Do you want to hear this incredible story? Let’s go, then!

My personal Mantra is

Good communication leads to Good data

In 1999, I made a decision: I was going to be a journalist. As any 17 years old boy, I found this was final. It wasn’t… It only took me about 5 years to realize that marketing was my thing. And more 4 years to discover that automating marketing was really fun. 

But what’s online marketing without data…?

This is my life, a journey of successive questions, each one leading me to a new and complementary path. From a first M.A. in Journalism, I went to a M.B.A in Big Data and Data Science.

Today, you can call me a Data Scientist, but you can also call me curious.

Machine Learning

I work mainly on the text mining and Natural Language Processing fields. I find it beautiful how we can extract data from language in order to make beautiful things. 


I believe that good marketing should be measured and that there’s a lot of applications for Natural Language Processing in Marketing, including Topic Modelling and Sentiment Extraction.


Good Data can and should be found on web. I know how to use Selenium, Python, HTML and CSS to get what I want, and to use PHP to create an API if I have to.

Communicating is not a problem, since

I can speak your language

I am


E aí? Quer falar em Português? Sem problemas. 

and also


En plus d’être brésilien, je suis aussi français. Tu peux me tutoyer si tu veux.

and I speak


I am a French-Brazilian living in Florida. I can speak 3 languages.

more about me


Did you really think it was over? 

International experience

I have lived in 5 countries until now and I have visited at least 18 countries. I love traveling and learning new cultures. 

I am a Father

Being a father is awesome. I am the father of a beautiful 15 years old girl and of a 10 years old dog. Yes, dogs are humans too!

I love a good conversation

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Marketing Data Scientist


2021 - Present | Belgium

Medical Natural Language Processing Data Scientist @ moveUP

I am responsible for the development of linguistic models for sentiment analysis. I work on projects involving named-entity recognition and topic modeling for the medical field. The company uses several data points in conjunction with NLP.

2014 – 2016 | Switzerland & Brazil

E-commerce consultant @ Nestlé Nespresso

Working closely to the IT team and with the Analytics team, I was responsible for the configuration of Nespresso e-business platforms (mobile, B2B and B2C). I worked with business units to deploy eCommerce features according to the markets needs.

2013 – 2014 | Switzerland

Fullstack web developer @ Agence Octopus

I was responsible for all phases of the web applications development cycle, including tasks like social media management & SEO; technical analysis of the projects, platform study and use of web technologies.

2008 – 2010 | Brazil

Marketing coordinator @ Century 21

Working closely with the board of directors, I was responsible for coordinating the company’s Marketing department projects in Brazil and also for defining and implementing the strategic planning, focused on digital marketing and on press relations.


2020 - Present | France

Master in Web Technologies, Digital Marketing and Multilingual Websites

Université de Strasbourg

2016 - 2017 | Brazil

M.B.A. in Data Science & Big Data


2001 - 2005 | Brazil

Master in Communications (Journalism)

Universidade Federal de Sergipe


Text Mining
Data Science
Project management
Html & CSS

Other skills: MongoDB, Docker, SQL, Pandas, Numpy, Spacy,  scikit learn, Deep Learning


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