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Build graphs using text

Yesterday, we transformed a normal dataset into a graph. Today, let’s do the same thing, but using a text document.

Reuse the article “Python NLP Tutorial: Building A Knowledge Graph using Python and SpaCy” written by Marius Borcan, to do it, but do a few changes:

  • Look for an article in your language.
  • Describe what’s different in comparison to English language.
  • If you have not used the same tools, what have you used instead?
  • Think about the entities you are finding and start to create their ontologies in your head.

In my case, instead of using spaCy, I have created my own tagger and tokenizer. This was an “old” project: I did this when I started learning NLP to “live” the whole process.

Other pages you can use to accomplish today’s task are:

During the next days, I will explore data for at least 1 hour per day and post the notebooks, data and models, when they are available, to this repository.

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