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Elsevier still looking for papers on Creative Language Processing

Elsevier is going to publish a special issue dedicated only to creative language processing. Should submit papers only researchers working on innovative and different ways of doing Natural Language Processing (NLP).

Papers about classic Computer Linguistics (CL) and NLP methods won’t be accepted. The goal here is focus more on humor, deceptive language and figurative language processing.

So, you should not submit materials about already established topics like improvement of part-of-speech tagging (to quote one example provided by Elsevier).

Some of the topics you should focus on are:

  • creative language processing
  • figurative language processing
  • NLP applications
  • natural language generation
  • emotional language processing
  • humor and joke processing
  • deceptive language detection
  • emoticon processing
  • automatic cyberbullying detection
  • fake news detection
  • abusive language processing
  • story generation
  • poetry generation

To learn more about the issue and submit your work, visit the Special Issue on Creative Language Processing page. Submissions close on October 31, 2020.

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