Hi, I am Wilame. I write about NLP and machine learning in a marketing context using Python, GIFs and pop culture 😛

Let's reflect on machine learning, text mining, and natural language processing roles in today's digital marketing.

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About me

Hi, I am Wilame, marketing data scientist and Master student in languages and web at Strasbourg University. I am interested in everything concerning Data Analysis, Text Mining, Natural Language Processing, Intelligent SEO, Automation, and Machine Learning.

Currently speaking Brazilian Portuguese, French, English and a tiiiiiiiiny bit of German.

Want to connect? Send me a message. Want to know more? Visit the about page.

Latest published articles

Ensemble modelling

Sometimes, it’s hard to get good predictions with a single model. In these cases, you can train different models with different architectures and submit your

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Retrain model

For today’s challenge, we won’t many different changes from the previous ones we have already made. Let’s try one last thing with our corpus before

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