Hi, I am Wilame. I write about NLP and machine learning in a marketing context using Python, GIFs and pop culture 😛

Let's reflect on machine learning, text mining, and natural language processing roles in today's digital marketing.

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About me

Hi, I am Wilame, marketing data scientist and Master student in languages and web at Strasbourg University. I am interested in everything concerning Data Analysis, Text Mining, Natural Language Processing, Intelligent SEO, Automation, and Machine Learning.

Currently speaking Brazilian Portuguese, French, English and a tiiiiiiiiny bit of German.

Want to connect? Send me a message. Want to know more? Visit the about page.

Latest published articles

Tweak the model

For today’s challenge, we will try to tweak the model to see if we get better results. During the next days, I will explore Tensorflow

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Confusion Matrix

For today’s challenge, we will use a confusion matrix instead of accuracy to better understand how our model behaves. During the next days, I will

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