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Data Mining

Development of the full ETL process for I scrape, daily, real estate listings’ sites using Selenium and Python to extract unstructured real estate data for the city of Aracaju (Brazil).

Data is preprocessed, cleaned and loaded into a Postgres database.

Skills & tools: Selenium, Python, Postgre, SQL, BeautifulSoup, Pandas, Statistics. - Printscreen


I have been using Natural Language Processing for text mining and for extract useful information from data.

For Essencialia, I use techniques such as POS-Tagging (to extract locales from text), Sentiment Analysis (to look for news articles about violent districts) and parsing techniques to clean and process text. 

Skills & tools: Spacy, Python, Regex, scikit-learn, Machine Learning, Natural Language Processing, Aruana & Atalaia (proprietary Python libraries that I have created for text processing). 

Example of tagged text for Spacy

Data Visualization and Web Development

All the Real Estate findings are presented on I use a mix of Tableau embeddings and HTML to present the  information in a fun and interactive way. 

Data is analysed and transferred to a WordPress website using PHP. During the exploratory analysis step, I use Matplotlib, Pandas, SQL, and Python to explore data. 

Skills & Tools: Tableau, Data visualization, SQL, Pandas, Matplotlib, Python, WordPress, HTML, CSS, PHP, Javascript, Translatrepress, Elementor.

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Blogging is an essential part of communicating data and sharing knowledge. I blog and develop free content and tutorials to help other data scientists.


Atalaia is a personal NLP library that I use to prototype. You can fork the latest public available version by clicking here.