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Read about ontologies

A few days ago, we started to build a dataset. Before yesterday, we also saw how to gather data using microdata. Today, we will learn about ontologies.

So, today’s task is simple and complicated at the same time. Learning abou what’s an ontology and how benefitial it can be for machine learning is too much thing to do in one day. So, try only to understand the basics for now.

For the next days, we will use more concepts of linked data and how to explore it for building knowledge graphs.

Since ontologies create representations and definitions of a knowledge area, they can be used to capture relationships between elements.

Ontologies are already applied in fields like biomedicine and pharmaceuticals, but it can be used in any industry.

Zalando – a fashion company present in European Union – created their own fashion knowledge graph. They use it with NLP to boost search power.

Now you started to discover what are ontologies, it’s time to consolidate this knowledge. Look for materials about this theme. If you find something interesting, use the comments section to share it with me :D.

By the way, if you have the time and want to increase your knowledge about semantic web, take the Web of Data course at Cousera.

During the next days, I will explore data for at least 1 hour per day and post the notebooks, data and models, when they are available, to this repository.

Do you want to connect? It will be a pleasure to discuss Machine Learning with you. Drop me a message on LinkedIn.

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