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Read about semantic web

Semantic web is one of the most ambitious internet projects. But it is definitely a game changer.

When we talk about semantic web, we are actually referring to concepts like linked data, knowledge graphs, RDF and abstract concepts representation that may help computers to understand human knowledge (but it’s not only all of that).

Linked Data as it was primarily imagined may never happen, but its currently implementations can be very useful for machine leaning. Discussions about this theme are running since 1997.

With all the excitement around Deep Learning, it’s easy to forget about projects like this. In 2018 and 2019, Gartner’s Hype Cycle for Emerging Technologies listed Knowledge Graphs as something to keep an eye on.

Your exercise for today is to read as much as you can about semantic web trends and how it can be used by machine learning professionals.

During the next days, I will explore data for at least 1 hour per day and post the notebooks, data and models, when they are available, to this repository.

Do you want to connect? It will be a pleasure to discuss Machine Learning with you. Drop me a message on LinkedIn.

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